Volunteer with SMC

SAVE MAUI CATS is a volunteer based organization so it’s caring people like you that help us reach as many cats in need as possible. Your special talents and interests are needed at SMC and together we can explore the perfect volunteer opportunity to match your lifestyle and available time.

If you’d like apply to volunteer please complete our application below and please contact us if you have any questions. We're happy to work with your schedule.

If you have another hidden talent that we could benefit from and its not listed here, please let us know!


Community Cat Caretakers


We need more colony cat caretakers. We will provide training and food and you just need to put a few minutes of your time at night.



Lots of cats out there need to be humanely trapped and fixed. We do this at night, and will teach you how to set up, bait, and recover the traps.



Driving trapped cats between the West side and the Maui Humane Society, to be sterilized in the morning (8am at shelter) and afternoon pick up (4.30pm).



Fixed community cats need to recover for at least 24 hours before releasing them to their original colony. They need a quiet place to spend the night, such as a garage or laundry area. We will provide training and supplies. 

Also foster homes are needed when we have an adoptable cat.



 Help educate the public about Community Cat programs and responsible pet ownership. Volunteer at one of our booths to spread the word. Recruit more volunteers, foster homes, tax deductible donations to buy food, traps, etc.

Social Media/Admin


Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer us unprecedented access to our supporters and general public. If you have some time to spare to update these platforms, please let us know. We could also benefit with someone returning phone calls and emails.

Our Volunteers

Michael Willinsky - Founder


Cat feeding Champion!

Silvina Nussbaum


Trapper and Outreach extraordinaire!

Linda Banziger


Community Outreach Genius!